Title Evolution of IoT Services by Cellular Operators in the Nile Valley: Services, Fees, and Benchmarks
Description With the increasing appetite of a world undergoing rapid digitization and the increase of digital natives, it is imperative for telecom operators to leverage their expertise and infrastructure to innovate in the field of Internet of Things (“IoT”). This report is a part of a series released by Arab Advisors Group which analyzes the IoT services offered by cellular operators across 19 Arab Countries. This report focuses on the Nile Valley (Egypt, Sudan) in particular and answers the following questions: • Which cellular operators in Egypt and Sudan offered IoT services in 2024? • What are the IoT services offered by these cellular operators? • What are the fees of these services? • How did cellular IoT offerings change in 2024 compared to 2015, 2018, and 2021?
Date Mar 11, 2024