Title A Scorecard of Key Performance Indicators of Cellular Operators in the Arab World – Part One
Description The cellular markets in the MENA region are highly competitive, served by at least three operators across each country. Market competitiveness is further magnified by the presence of mobile virtual network operators (“MVNOs”) and mobile resellers in a number of Arab countries. This report provides an analysis of the Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”) of the telecom operators in the Arab World. This report answers the following questions: • How competitive are cellular markets in MENA in terms of market shares and number of players? • Which MENA country tops the list in terms of cellular penetration rates in 2022 and Q2 2023? • What is the prepaid to postpaid mix among the region’s cellular operators during 2022 and Q2 2023? • How do cellular subscriber bases change during 2022 and Q2 2023 in the MENA region? • Which operators hold the highest cellular subscriber bases? And which hold the lowest?
Date Nov 20, 2023