Title Telecom Churn – Causal Factors, Mitigating Measures, and Announced Rates
Description Churn rate is among various crucial indicators to track, especially for businesses that rely on recurring revenues or subscribers. Eliminating churn completely among enterprises is unachievable; hence, businesses are obliged to pinpoint churn causers and catalysts, which will reduce churn rates when tackled. In this report, Arab Advisors Group analyzes 25 telecom operators and groups. The report “Telecom Churn – Causal Factors, Mitigating Measures, and Announced Rates”, which was released in September 2023, answers the below questions: • Which voluntary and involuntary churn causers have their toll on telecom operators and groups? • What are telcos’ adopted mitigating measures to keep churn at its lowest? • How transparent are the analyzed telecom operators and groups in terms of churn rates? • How do telecom operators and groups calculate their churn rates? • Do enforced governmental measures and guidelines contribute towards telecom churn? • What is the role of digitization in churn reduction?
Date Sep 10, 2023