Title The 5G Handbook – A Focus on the UAE
Description 5G adoption is on the rise on global and regional levels. Its use cases are surpassing traditional telecom services to penetrate and revolutionize vertical markets. Arab Advisors Group released a new series of reports: The 5G Handbook. The series tackles one 5G-operating Arab country at a time, to explore, review, and analyze the development of 5G networks and study the efforts put forward by all stakeholders. Arab Advisors Group released the first report of the series, “The 5G Handbook – A Focus on the UAE”, in July 2023. The report answers the following questions: Questions • What type of 5G plans do telecom operators in the UAE offer? • What frequency bands are utilized by the UAE’s telecom operators? And with which vendors did telcos collaborate to build their networks? • How are telecom operators in the UAE monetizing their 5G networks? • Are telcos’ 5G services in the UAE limited to traditional telecom services only? Or did they penetrate vertical markets? • How mature are the 5G use cases deployed by telcos in the UAE? and in which sectors did they deploy these cases? • How transparent are the UAE’s telecom operators when it comes to reaped benefits of 5G implementations? • How did the UAE government encourage the deployment of 5G technology in the country, especially in vertical markets?
Date Jul 05, 2023