Title Vertical Markets in the 5G Era Series: Digital Payments
Description Post the breaking of COVID-19, digital payments have become a necessity as human mobility became highly restricted. Organizations are focusing on banking the unbanked through digital payments. For good measure, emerging 5G networks and technologies are influencing payment methods and creating unprecedented experiences for users. Arab Advisors Group released a new report “Vertical Markets in the 5G Era Series: Digital Payments”. The report, which was released in May 2023, answers the following questions: • How do digital payment services in the MENA region compare to global counterparts with reference to features and fees? • What digital payment services have been provided by telecom operators in the MENA region and how do they weigh against non-telecom digital payment services? • Where does the MENA region stand regarding digital payments adoption? • How is the digital payment industry responding to the emergence and operation of 5G technologies?
Date May 16, 2023