Title Vertical Markets in the 5G Era Series - Gaming
Description As part of its new report series, Vertical Markets in the 5G Era, Arab Advisors Group studies the response of emerging vertical markets to the 5G era. In this report, Arab Advisors Group focuses on the gaming sector. Arab Advisors Group examines and highlights the role of telecom operators and regulators in the metamorphosis of the industry via presented use cases. Moreover, Arab Advisors Group studies MENA’s and the globe’s gaming markets by examining the features, business models, and fees of a selection of twelve games. For each market, we analyzed three game categories: online games, cloud games, and mobile games. The report answers the following questions: - How do various game categories in MENA compare to global counterparts with reference to features, business models, and corresponding fees? - What gaming services have been provided by telecom operators in the MENA region? and how are they exploiting their 5G networks towards 5G-enabled games? - What measures are telecom stakeholders taking in efforts to reshape the gaming industry? - How do fees, features, and business models of games offered by telecom operators compare to those of game providers? - Does the region have sufficient events on the topic? - How is the gaming industry responding to the emergence and operation of 5G technologies?
Date Apr 04, 2023