Title Vertical Markets in the 5G Era Series: e-Education
Description As part of its new report series, Vertical Markets in the 5G Era, Arab Advisors Group studies the response of emerging vertical markets to the 5G era. In this report, Arab Advisors Group focuses on the education sector. Post the breaking of COVID-19, distance learning has come center stage. An abundance of e-education platforms is available to individuals, through governmental initiatives, private sector’s establishments or even as societal endorsements by telecom operators. Simultaneously, innovative technologies in the field of education which utilize 5G are emerging and revolutionizing learning methods beyond limits. Arab Advisors Group released a new report “Vertical Markets in the 5G Era Series: e-Education”. The report answers the following questions.: • How do e-education platforms in the MENA region compare to global counterparts with reference to features, business models, and corresponding fees? • What e-education services have been provided by telecom operators in the MENA region? • How do telecom operators’ e-education services weigh against non-telecom e-education services? • How is the education industry responding to the emergence and operation of 5G technologies?
Date Mar 28, 2023