Title A Comparative Analysis of 5G Rates in the GCC
Description This report analyzes personal 5G services in the GCC in May 2022. The availability of 5G services among the telecom operators in the MENA region is currently limited to the GCC. The report provides a regional comparison and analysis and answers the following questions: • What are the rates of postpaid and prepaid 5G data only plans in the GCC? • What are the average fees of the 5G data only plans per data allowance offered? • Which GCC country offered 5G data only plans that were priced above the average? • What is the price per GB for the 5G data only plans in each GCC country? • How did 5G affordability vary between 2021 and 2022? • What are the details of each telco’s offering of 5G home broadband and 5G dedicated mobile Internet data only plans?
Date Aug 22, 2022