Title FTTH Rates in the Arab World: a Regional Comparison
Description In an era of digital transformation, fiber plays a vital role in the diversification of Telcos’ operations and services, the implementation of connected solutions and smart cities, 5G networks backhaul, and cross industry collaborations. Additionally, fiber networks support the upsurge in data traffic and satisfy consumers’ ever increasing demand for faster connectivity. Arab Advisors Group released a new report "FTTH Rates in the Arab World: A Regional Comparison". The report, which was released in February 2022, answers the following questions: • What is Internet regulatory landscape in the MENA region? • What are Telcos’ residential FTTH offerings? • Which Telcos’ top the list in terms of residential FTTH affordability? • How did residential FTTH affordability vary between 2020 and 2021?
Date Feb 02, 2022